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April 2011 ~ April2013

Art Lead / Art Direction

Guiding the team through various aspects of game pipeline from initial concept to production development .

Establishing style guides, leading artists, as well as managing expectations and schedules to ensure timely delivery of product.

Evangelized next gen console production in the studio and established next gen art pipeline for the studio.

Projects included Godfather: Five Families, Edgeworld, Final Eden, and Dark District.


May 2009 ~ April 2011

Concept Artist

Designing various types of concept art work for Halo: Reach and upcoming next gen title Destiny.


Lego Concepts Lab

July 2009 ~ Sept 2009

Design Consultant

Developed original IPs and idea generation for upcoming products.


Electronic Arts

Jan 2009 ~ March 2009

Design Consultant

Environment concept development for Deadspace 2.

Art Director – Ian Milham


Eddie Yang Studios

July 2008 ~ Feb 2009

Design Consultant

Environment Concept designs for various projects.

Art Director – Eddie Yang


Firaxis Games

July 2008 ~ September 2008

Design Consultant

Created character / creature designs for X-COM Enemy Unknown.

Art Director – Greg Foertsch / Seth Spalding


Aaron Sims Company

July 2008

Design Consultant

Created designs for characters and environments for the upcoming movie God of War

Art Director – Aaron Sims


Gary Goddard Entertainment

June 2008 ~June 2008

Design Consultant

Created concept illustrations for future theme park development.

Creative Director – Taylor Jeffs


Crystal Dynamics/Eidos Interactive

January 2007 ~ March 2008 

Concept Artist

Created artworks for unannounced next-gen title and Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition.

Art Director: Darrell Gallagher / Lee Petty


Gnome International Incorp. 

May 2006 ~ May 2009 


Designing various elements ranging from layouts to graphics for t-shirts. Manage as an sales representative at conventions such as Anime Expo

Director: Mickey Lu


Metropolis 3D  Entertainment

June 2002 ~ August 2002 

Creative Services / Graphic Designer

Created logo designs and user manual layout for PS2 title SubRebellion.

Art Director: Sean Tsai




Imagine FX Magazine

September 2006 

Interviewed and featured for 'Rising Star' article in the September 2006 Issue of the magazine.

March 2009

Interviewed and featured for ‘Creating Unique Alien Worlds’ article

GameInformer Magazine

Feb 2010

Interviewed for illustrating the cover featuring upcoming Halo: Reach game. 



Art Center College of Design - Sept. 2004 ~ April 2009

Major in Illustration and focused in the Entertainment Design minor program.

Concept Design Academy - 2008 – 2009

Gnomon School of Visual Effects 2005 - 2006








References may be provided upon request.