Progressive Learning: How to become a Professional Artist in the Shortest amount of Time.

Looking back at when I first started to take interest in this field. I was always curious about how the masters became so good at what they're doing. When I was a student, most people that I came across, including instructors from Art Center constantly stressed the importance of "mileage". The concept of mileage is that one can only become proficient at what they do through a series of repetition. In other words, if you draw the same thing over and over again a thousand times you will eventually become good at what you do. I was a huge fan of mileage. So after I first learned the concept I was constantly doing more work hoping that it would eventually lead me to becoming a "master artist" as well.

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Demo and such

I did a quick 90 minute demo at Kabam for my coworkers to show them my workflow and how I realize across ideas in a quick sketch. This is what came out of it :)


Afterwards I got really inspired and decided to get back to doing some more environment quick sketches before the hand starts rusting.


Back to the bay.

After 2 awesome years at Bungie I decided to it time for me move back to the bay area. I'm now working at Kabam, a social startup focusing on doing more serious games for facebook gamers. Social games is a really exciting space right now and I highly recommend artists to look into this space as it's a fast growing market that's innovating at a much higher pace than console games at this moment.

mean while, i be posting some art that's due long long ago!



I've made it

you know you've made it when a russian piracy site zipped up your artwork and put it on rapidshare :)

On the flip side, most of my work on Reach just got approved for posting. I'll be updating the work on my site soon.



The wonderer and his companion

Inspired by Jerome.